Our story

Born in France and being an expat in the Middle East since 2009,

I am very lucky to be familiar with both ways of life and cultures.

The story of The Cover started when my husband and I bought our first water dispenser.

Loving my new equipment, I was however disappointed by the ugly look it had in my interior decoration...Few years after, I sew a nice cover for my water dispenser bottle, and the result was fantastic! 

Supported by my loving husband and friends, I decided to create 

The Cover.

Since the beginning of the story, we wanted absolutely 

our product to be much more than a branding and design merchandising tool.

We had the certainty that we could use this support to implement new strategies of marketing, mixing the innovation of a brand new support and the efficiency of a more subtle-delivered message.

The Cover is the first innovative communication tool on a water dispenser, with endless possibilities, taking its roots in our French brains and finding its way in the amazing U.A.E.!


Claudia JEGU

Co-founder of  The Cover