Our story

Born in France and being an expat in the Middle East since 2009,

I am very lucky to be familiar with both ways of life and cultures.

The story of The Cover started when my husband and I bought our first water dispenser.

Loving my new equipment, I was however disappointed by the ugly look it had in my interior decoration...

Having my kids few years later, I was a stay-at-home mum finding her happiness in raising them and learning new hobbies...one of them has been sewing.

I have always been in love with fabrics and design, and the possibility to create my own accessories made me so excited!

Few weeks after my first lessons, I naturally decided to sew a nice cover for my water dispenser bottle, and the result was fantastic! 

Supported by my loving husband and friends, I decided to create 

The Cover.

Finding its success with the public, we are also now working with different kind of companies, offering them a brand new and unique communication tool, the first of its kind with endless possibilities.


With the success of our new concept, came along different stories...

The Cover up and The Cover home , still continuing with covers and trendy designs, taking their roots in our French identity and finding their way in the amazing U.A.E.!


Claudia JEGU

Co-founder of  The Cover